MHX-514 3.5L Tacoma (2016-2019.5) Kit


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Improved Racing MHX-514 Transmission Cooler Kit

Fits: 2016-2018 3.5L Tacoma 

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(This cooler kit is heavily discounted as the cooler will have “ugly” welds however, the cooler has passed Improved Racing’s pressure test and is covered under warranty)

Parts Included (MHX-514)

  • x1 MHX-514 Transmission Cooler
  • x2 MHX-500 Series Anti-Vibration Mounting Brackets
  • x1 MHX-514 Bracket (Powder Coated Gloss Black)
  • x2 3/8″ Hose Barb to -10AN Male O-Ring Adapter Fittings (Brand: RaceFlux)
  • x2 Transmission Cooler Hose x3′ (Brand: Setrab)
  • x1 Toyota WS ATF (1-quart)
  • All Stainless-Steel Hardware

Tools Required

  • Socket Set (10mm and 13mm)
  • Wrench 10mm
  • Pliers
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Hose Cutter or Sharp Knife

MHX-514 Product Details 

  • This is a direct replacement and upgrade to the factory external cooler for the 2016-2019 3.5L Tacoma.  (Please verify you have the external cooler and your transmission cooler lines do not route through the radiator).
  • Improved Racing’s Motorsport Heat Exchanger (MHX) series oil coolers are the result of several years of development and testing to create a highly efficient oil cooler. These coolers were perfected through extensive testing on our in-house heat exchanger test system and wind tunnel.
  • The MHX-514 oil cooler is a dual-pass oil cooler that matches heat rejection rates to larger, heavier stacked-plate coolers made by brands such as Setrab, Mocal, and Earl’s. Compared to a typical 25-row stacked plate cooler, this cooler is 17% smaller overall and 20% lighter, yet holds 36% more oil volume capacity. The core is 23% thinner and has a lower row and fin density, allowing more air to flow through the cooler to other heat exchangers (such as a radiator) behind it.
  • Up to 46,000 BTU/HR
  • A major design focus was to minimize welds and brazing’s to make these coolers stronger, lighter, and less prone to leaks. All four end caps are single-piece CNC-machined billet aluminum. The rows consist of laser-welded, thin-gauge aluminum tubes stuffed with tubilators to maximize heat transfer while minimizing weight.  The dual-pass design also maximizes heat transfer efficiency.
  • There are four M8x1.25 mm mounting holes, one on each corner of the cooler. Improved Racing has designed lightweight aluminum brackets (included with the kit) to make mounting your cooler as easy as possible. The brackets feature integrated rubber isolators that protect the cooler from excessive vibration and extend the life of the cooler.
  • All Improved Racing oil coolers are pressure tested to 175 PSI to ensure no leaks and are rated for continuous operation at 150 PSI. The  MHX-514 series cooler is made in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Note: Shipped w/ UPS Ground