Setrab 15-Row 5.7L Tundra (2019-2021) Kit


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Setrab Series-9, 15 Row Transmission Cooler Kit

Fits: 2019-2021 5.7L Tundra

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Parts Included (Setrab, Series-9)

  • Aftermarket Parts
    • x1 Setrab 15-Row, Series 9 Oil Cooler (Part #: 50-915-7612)
    • x2 Setrab Oil Cooler Mounting Brackets (Part#: ABKT-310)
    • x1 Setrab Series 9 Bracket (Powder Coated Gloss Black)
    • x2 M22 O-Ring Boss to 6AN Male Flare Adapter Fitting (Brand: Susa)
    • x2 6AN Push Lock Fittings (Brand: Susa)
    • x2 Transmission Cooler Hose x3′ (Brand: Susa)
    • x2 Synthetic Grommets (For Air Deflector)
    • All Stainless-Steel Hardware
  • Toyota Parts List
    • x1 32970-34030 Transmission Thermostat
    • x1 32941-0C030 Inlet Hose
    • x1 32942-0C040 Outlet Hose
    • x1 32907-0C020 Cooler Pipe
    • x2 90080-10400 Cooler Pipe Bolts
    • x8 90466-16004 Hose Clamps
    • x2 Toyota WS ATF (Quarts)

Compatible with the Magnuson, Whipple, and Harrop Superchargers (Magnuson SC owners, please email your order number to 

Please Read

This is a complete kit to install the Setrab Series 9, 15-Row transmission cooler on your 2019-2021 Tundra.  Please note the required tools to complete the install.

Tools Required

  • OBDII device able to read ATF pan temperatures (See “How to Monitor Transmission Temps” in the Menu Above)
  • Socket Set (Metric) 10-14mm and 24mm
  • 6″ sock extension or 5″ with a 12mm deep socket
  • Allen Key (5mm)
  • Pliers
  • Step Hole Drill (1.25″)
  • Hose Cutters or Sharp Knife
  • Hydraulic Jack and Stands
  • Level (For ATF Check) OR Someway to Verify Your Truck is Level
  • Torque Wrench Able to Read 15-30 lb-ft (Recommended)
  • OBDII device able to read ATF pan temperatures
  • ATF pump

Setrab Series-9, 15 Row Cooler Description

  • 27,000-39,000 BTU/Hr.
  • 0.40 quart capacity.
  • Brackets incorporate rubber damping pads to reduce vibration.
  • Setrab ProLine STD range oil coolers are the most flexible high-performance oil coolers on the market. The ProLine STD series integrates low-profile 22mm female ports for adaptability to any system using ProLine adapter fittings.
  • The stacked-plate style of Setrab’s STD range offers the advantage of many height possibilities within the various series’ widths. In addition, this technique coupled with state-of-the-art brazing technology makes for a durable, highly-efficient, and beautifully simplistic design that is often imitated but never replicated.

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