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Genuine Cooling Systems is an authorized dealer for Setrab/Susa as oil coolers and products offering custom designed transmission cooler kits for the Toyota Tundra and Sequoia. Each Tundra transmission cooler kit includes a steel powder coated oil cooler mounting bracket that is CNC cut and specially designed to bolt directly onto factory mounting points on your truck. Only utilizing high quality aftermarket parts from Setrab/Susa, you can rest assured each component is of the highest quality offered on the market today.

Tundra News

As some of you may know, the 2019-2021 Tundra’s and Sequoia’s do not come with a transmission cooler. Instead, they have a heat exchanger that uses the hot coolant from the engine in an effort to cool your transmission. This method of cooling is not effective for many owners that tow, off-road, or just live in a hot climate. You may not even know your transmission is overheating as the Tundra does not have a transmission pan temperature gauge. If you have seen a warning on your dash displaying “High Transmission Fluid Temp”, this means the ATF in the transmission pan has reached 302° F (operating temperature of Toyota ATF WS is 68-221° F). Although you may not have seen this warning before, you could still be running well above the max operating temperature of 221° F without knowing.

Once the oil cooler kit is installed, expect ATF pan temperatures to be between 185-215° F depending on ambient temperatures and your load (with thermostat not pinned open). Toyota specifies the operating temperature of Toyota ATF WS to be between 68-221° F.