Transmission Cooler Kit For Toyota Tundra & Sequoia.

Premium quality kit using Toyota OEM & Setrab/Susa parts.


  • Complete Kit

    "If you need a transmission cooler this is the set-up you want. Top notch components. Excellent write-up and top notch parts."

  • Lower Temps

    "I love it! I’ve been following the video that was on YouTube! I’ve been monitoring my temps since I got the truck and quite frequently was in the 240s” – Erik.

  • This is the kit

    “I have this kit and it’s awesome. I had my dealer install it so as to not void my warranty. The tech who installed it was super impressed. It even has Toyota clamps"

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  • Genuine Cooling Systems is an authorized dealer for Setrab/Susa oil coolers and parts. We offer custom transmission cooler kits for Toyota Tundra and Toyota Sequoia. Each kit includes a specially designed mounting bracket that bolts directly onto factory mounting points on your truck. The brackets are made in the USA by a local machine shop. Toyota OEM parts and high-quality aftermarket parts from Setrab/Susa are used to ensure the highest quality components.