Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the 2019-2021 Toyota Tundra have a transmission cooler?
    • The 2019-2021 Toyota Tundra does not have a transmission cooler. Toyota removed the cooler for these years.
  • What year did Toyota drop the transmission cooler for the Tundra?
    • Toyota dropped the transmission cooler for the Tundra starting with 2019 through 2021.
  • Are transmission coolers worth it?
    • One of the biggest enemies of your transmission is heat. A liquid to air transmission cooler is one of the best ways to draw that heat out from the transmission fluid. Most experts will always recommend a transmission cooler.


  • What is your return policy?
    • You have 14 days from delivery date to return items. Returned goods must be unused and unopened. Returns will require approval from Genuine Cooling Systems. A minimum restocking fee of 30% will be incurred and return shipping is non-refundable.
  • Can I cancel my order that hasn’t shipped?
    • Yes, however orders in any stage of processing may be subject to a 20% cancellation fee.
  • What is the warranty?
    • The manufacturer’s warranty shall be the exclusive remedy for any part defect or failure. All parts subject to a warranty claim must contain a defect in workmanship or material. The warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear of parts; parts damaged due to environmental conditions including rain, snow, hail, salt, or natural disasters; products damaged due to accident or collision; or parts damaged during installation. Parts damaged as a result of abuse, misuse, improper installation, alteration, or modification will not be covered by the warranty.


  • Will the kit void my factory warranty?
    • This can only be answered by Toyota.  Officially, they will say yes it will be voided.  However, they have to prove that adding the cooler kit caused the failure.  We use all Toyota OEM parts where applicable and high quality parts for the rest. Some buyers take the risk to protect their transmission while some will wait for the warranty to expire. We have yet to have anyone have an issue.  We have even had some Toyota dealers order the kit to install for customers.  So this will vary from dealer to dealer.
  • Do you offer technical assistance to those that install themselves?
    • We can offer limited technical support of the install itself. We have a set of instructions on the support page and there is a YouTube video of an installation. If you are not comfortable, its best done by a mechanic.  Most of our customers have chosen to DIY though.
    • There is a great community over at if you get stuck. Many of their members are our customers.
  • Will your kit work with a Whipple or Harrop superchargers?
    • Yes.
  • Will your kit work with a Magnuson supercharger?
    • Yes, however the Magnuson intercooler shares one of the same mounting locations as the transmission cooler bracket (bottom right hole when facing the vehicle). Instead of a carriage bolt mounting the bracket we will need to provide you an additional M8x30 bolt that will go through the intercooler bracket and the transmission bracket, and then secured in the back with a large flat washer and M8 locking nut.
  • How much additional transmission fluid does this add to the system?
    • You will only need between 1-1.5 quarts of ATF and the kit includes two quarts.
  • What fluid temp should the different transmissions be checked at?
    • Transmission type for the 5.7L is AB60E/F (E=2WD, F=4WD), and fluid level check temperature range is 99-111 degrees F.
    • Transmission type for the 4.6L is A760E/F, and fluid level check temperature range is 127-138 degrees F.


  • I need to have my transmission fluid changed at a shop, will the thermostat have to be pinned open to allow for full fluid exchange? 
    • The thermostat will need to be pinned to complete the fluid level check after you fill your pan with ATF.  If the shop is doing a full fluid exchange they should be connecting their fluid exchange equipment to either the inlet or outlet hose of the thermostat in which it will need to be pinned to start the flow of ATF. 


  • Will my wife get mad if I purchase this kit?
    • Most likely, but at least your transmission will be safer.
  • What if my package hasn’t shipped or arrived on time?
    • Genuine Cooling Systems will not be held liable for failure to ship or deliver on or by any particular date. We strive for 2 day processing and ship UPS Ground with insurance.
  • Do you have sales or discounts at certain times of year?
    • We don’t have a set schedule, but you can sign up for alerts for when we do run sales or promotions.
  • Disclaimers
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